We provide a laser cleaning service; it is a surface cleaning of predominantly metallic and some composite materials without damaging the base material. The laser cleaning machine is mobile and can be moved to your place while maintaining all safety standards. It is suitable for cleaning metallic materials from corrosion, grease, adhesives and other undesirable impurities on the surface layer. In the plastics, rubber and glass industries it is suitable for mold cleaning. Suitable for cleaning historic objects (engine blocks, bodywork, sandstone, statues, etc.). After laser cleaning, no further surface treatment is required before painting.


Our workshop

We have our own spaces where the cleaning can be don. Upon agreement, we are able to pick up the cleaner directly in your business and, after complete cleaning, we will bring you back to your cleanest component.


We are mobile

If you can not move the material to our workshop, we will take the cleaning laser directly to you in your premises. You can leave the oversized and heavy parts in place, clean it on the spot. There is no need to disassemble the large and heavy form from the injection molding machine. With your veteran you do not have to leave the garage. Your historic stone statue in the garden will come clean up right to you. Do you want to remove expensive parts from the factory? We will clean them with you.



We offer HOTLINE 24h. Is operator stamped in machine and production is standing? Upon agreement, we are able to arrive immediately and clean the form. We are able to conclude a framework contract and drive to clean your parts regularly. We are dealing with individual cleaning and complete cleaning of machines and equipment.